Green space, clean energy, urban density and … a world dictatorship, the New World Order. According to popular conspiracy theory connects a 23-year-old UN resolution on Sustainable Development, all of these things together.

Agenda 21 would be an essential part of a plan to enslave the human race to an eco-totalitarian state. President of the American Policy Center Tom DeWeese describes the resolution as “a new kind of tyranny that will lead us, if it is not stopped, to a new era of unprecedented pain and misery.”

In politics there is often agitated lately against Agenda 21. The Republican Party wrote in 2012 on the resolution: “We are totally against Agenda 21 of the United Nations because the resolution affects US sovereignty.”

Several US states have filed bills against Agenda 21. In Arizona they swept it in 2012 from the table. “If it were adopted, we would send the message that Phoenix does not believe in a sustainable economic future. It would not only have a negative impact on Phoenix, but in the entire state, “said Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton.

Only in Alabama is a law designed to prevent policy recommendations from Agenda 21 will be adopted. In Texas, they’ve introduced a bill against to Agenda 21 earlier this year. It states that the government may not take money from organizations to adopt policies of Agenda 21.

Presenter Glenn Beck published early this year the book Agenda 21: Into the Shadows which he writes that people have become slaves by Agenda 21 in an autocratic system. Because of the fierceness of the debate on the resolution to many organizations that would rather pursue sustainability is not about exhausts.

Proponents of sustainability are trying just like the people against Agenda 21 organize in groups. Kevin Wilhelm, director of Sustainable Business Consulting says for example, 183 companies have brought together to hit back.

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