Alien attack on ISIS-base in Turkey? UFO fans ecstatic

Alien attack on ISIS-base in Turkey? UFO fans ecstatic

Among conspiracy theorists is currently speculation about the footage below from Turkey. The video shows an alleged UFO attacks the IS basis on the border between Syria and Turkey.

Also the British Daily Mirror report about this, the Russian news agency Sputnik writes. The footage, which are created in the Turkish province of Sanliurfa by a surveillance camera, shows how the unidentified flying object emerged out of an inexplicable light.

While looking enthusiastic UFO hunters looking for answers, there are, according to the local police no aliens were involved. “We think it was a natural phenomenon,” said a police spokesman.

Eyewitnesses, however, spoke of a sudden explosion, while at the same time an unknown object would have been crashed on Earth. What it was exactly remains unclear, according to the news agency.

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