Did Ancient civilization drove 14 million years ago with large SUVs in Turkey

Did Ancient civilization drove 14 million years ago with large SUVs in Turkey

A Russian scientist claims that an ancient civilization drove huge SUVs on the earth’s surface millions of years ago and that the traces are still visible.

Geologist Alexander Koltypin believes that mysterious tracks in the Phrygian Valley in Turkey have been left by an intelligent race between 12 and 14 million years ago”. The Vehicles drove with wheels on soft ground, possibly a wet surface” he said. “Because of their weight they made deep tracks.”

He added that footprints of dinosaurs are preserved in the same way. Dr. Koltypin of the International Independent Ecological-politicological University in Moscow, together with three colleagues did the fieldwork in Anatolia.

Koltyn said the tracks were made by a type of cars or SUVs. The carriage tracks cross one another from time to time, and some are deeper than others. “As a geologist, I can say with certainty that unknown prehistoric SUVs between 12 and 14 million years ago rode around in Turkey,” he said.

He claims that archaeologists do not dare to burn their fingers on this topic because it is inconsistent with all their classic theories. “We are seeing signs of a civilization that existed for the classic creation of this world,” said Dr. Koltypin. “Perhaps the beings of that civilization looked very different from modern humans.”

The tracks prove according to him, the existence of ancient civilizations, but are often ignored by mainstream scientists. There have also been found scratches on the side of many traces, which would be left by the end of the shafts that were used for the wheels. Did you like this interesting? Think about sharing it.

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