10 Mind-Blowing Ancient Proof of Alien Visitation Through Hieroglyphics and Art


Ancient hieroglyphics and ancient art are proof of alien visitation and show throughout ancient history the human species were influenced by the extraterrestrial.

This article ‘10 Mind-Blowing Ancient Proof of Alien Visitation Through Hieroglyphics and Art‘ will pull you into ancient hieroglyphics and drawings where you clearly can see aliens and UFOs.

Some ancient civilization had extraordinary knowledge about our solar system, that means they adopted the wisdom from the extraterrestrial. One of the ancient civilization is the Sumers or Sumerians, where they obtained enlightenment from the giant people from another planet called the Anunnaki.

10 Mind-Blowing Ancient Proof of Alien Visitation Through Hieroglyphics and Art

Below you will find ten most mind-blowing ancient proof of alien visitation through hieroglyphics and art. This top ten will cover all kind of civilizations and religion drawings. You will find it very amazing that all civilizations are talking about the gods from above.

10. Temple of Seti I

Ancient Proof Alien Hieroglyphics - Temple Seti I
Temple Seti I

At the temple of Seti I at Abydos, Egypt you see an unusual hieroglyphic. You don’t expect ancient civilization draw modern vehicles such as helicopter, spaceship and jet planes. Do you see it too?

9. Quetzalcoatl

Ancient Proof Alien Hieroglyphics - Quetzalcoatl

The Maya worshipped Quetzalcoatl, meaning the feathered serpent. According to historical sources Quetzalcoatl was related to gods of the wind, of the planet Venus, of the dawn, of merchants and of arts, crafts and knowledge. He was also the patron god of the Aztec priesthood, of learning and knowledge. Did they worshipped a reptilian in a flying saucer?

8. Egyptian Monument

Ancient Proof Alien Hieroglyphics - Egyptian Monument
Egyptian Monument

Here’s another ancient Egyptian monument that will make you scratch the back of your head. You see the typical eye symbols, bird symbols but what is that in the middle? What is a flying saucer doing on a hieroglyphic panel of several thousands years old? Did ancient Egyptions encountered the extraterrestrial?

7. Egyptian God

Ancient Proof Alien Hieroglyphics - Egyptian God
Egyptian God

Is this the reason why Egyptian pharaohs had elongated skulls because their god is an alien? Behind the alien you see flares of the sun. In many ancient religion, the sun is represented as the higher self as a god to be worshiped. What you see here is a rare amulet founded in one of the Egyptian tombs. On top an alien and in the middle, a flying saucer. Did they worshiped aliens?

6. Drawings of The Wandjinas

Ancient Proof Alien Hieroglyphics - Drawings of the Wandjinas
Drawings of the Wandjinas

The drawings of The Wandjinas, the supreme spirit beings and creators of the land and people. The spirits from the clouds, who came down from the Milky Way during Dreamtime and created the Earth and all its inhabitants. Then Wandjina looked upon the inhabitants and realized the enormity of the task and returned home to bring more Wandjinas. Wait a minute, this is the same story as the ancient Sumers and their Anunnaki.

However, Australian Aboriginal people drew figures with white faces, devoid of a mouth, large black eyes, and a head surrounded by a halo or some type of helmet.

5. Sumerians

Ancient Proof Alien Hieroglyphics - Sumerians

Ancient Sumers or Sumerians documented almost everything on clay tablets. From boring business administration to … yes extraterrestrials. In this case, the giants or the Anunnaki, people who lived on another planet. The Anunnaki were much more developed than us, and came with spaceships to Earth to find gold. Because the Anunnaki were highly developed and practiced sorcery, in the eyes of the people on earth (eg flying), the Anunnaki were seen as gods and worshiped. The Sumerians owe this development and knowledge about our near planets thanks to the Anunnaki, mentioned often enough in their clay tablets.

Kepler telescope found alien constructions star KIC 8462852?

1 Illustrates the giant, right in a sitting position. Left the normal people standing straight. 2, look between the standing people. They drew their knowledge, they were aware about our solar system, asteroid field and the extra planet named Planet X. 3, you see a flying vehicle with three figures inside. These tables dates back 3600BC.

4. Dendera Temple

Ancient Proof Alien Hieroglyphics - Dendera Temple
Dendera Temple

One of the best-preserved temple complexes in Egypt, Dendera Temple. Do you see a flying object that emits rays towards an animal, what were they trying to say? That this is about a classic alien abduction.

3. Painting of the Crucifixion

Ancient Proof Alien Hieroglyphics - Crucifixion Jesus
Crucifixion Jesus

You are looking at a very old painting of the Crucifixion. You know the story of Jesus but did you know the existance of this painting? Space ships in the top corners does not belong there. Some claim they are futuristic time travelers.

2. The Madonna with Saint Giovannino

Ancient Proof Alien Hieroglyphics - The Madonna with Saint Giovannino
The Madonna with Saint Giovannino

This painting is called “The Madonna with Saint Giovannino”, painted in the 15th century by Domenico. Mary mother of Jesus looks down while in the background you can see a clear picture of what appears to be a UFO flying above while a man on a ledge blocks the sun with his hand and stares at the strange flying object in the sky.

1. Egyptian hieroglyphic

Ancient Proof Alien Hieroglyphics - Egyptian hieroglyphic
Egyptian hieroglyphic

The number one of best proof of Alien visitation in ancient hieroglyphics and art is this Egyptian hieroglyphic. Displaying an Egyptian interacting with an extraterrestrial being.


Ancient Proof Alien Hieroglyphics - Astronaut Cathedral of Salamanca
Astronaut Cathedral of Salamanca

It was a hard task to go through all ancient hieroglyphics and ancient art to pick ten best evidence out of the collection. Some can be debunked very easily, such as the Cathedral of Salamanca’s Astronaut. The Astronaut sculpture was added during renovations in 1992. Luckily, many ancient hieroglyphics and ancient art does tell about visitation and influence of aliens and UFOs.

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