CAR-SIZED Black Alien Saucer Caught Over Brazil (HOAX)

Black Alien Saucer Caught Over Brazil (HOAX)

The CAR-SIZED Black Alien Saucer Caught Over Brazil UFO footage by SecureTeam10 has been recorded by the Brazilian YouTube user Felipe Souza. SecureTeam10 said: “For those of you saying it’s a drone, watch until the very last few seconds of the video, where we show the zoomed in view of the craft going behind the trees, and look at this thing’s size compared to said trees. This thing looks to be at least the size of a car”.

Story: CAR-SIZED Black Alien Saucer Caught Over Brazil

This object traveled kilometers! When I was coming in the market, I saw this strange object in the air and started to make a video using my cell phone. He had a thorny format and before our eyes turned into a more rounded shape. I was so intrigued by what I was seeing I decided to follow that car object to see where he was going. I followed that object to the entry of a large forest reserve in the west of the city of Rio de Janeiro. It was then that I made the second video UFO entering the forest, Felipe Souza said.

The UFO Video by SecureTeam10

The video called [CAR-SIZED] Black Alien Saucer Caught Over Brazil! Crazy UFO Sighting 10/4/2015 was published on October 4, 2015 by SecureTeam10. Pay good attention on the people.


If you have paid attention, nobody responded on the UFO except for the cameraman. Further analysis proofs this alleged UFO footage is a hoax.

Frame 575

The UFO should be behind the power cable. This can not have been caused by motion blur because all the cables look normal.

proof-001Frame 604

A typical identification point of SecureTeam10, Glitch around the UFO. There are several videos on his channel where you see the same kind of glitch.

proof-002Frame 620-634

The last thing what a bird do is flying in the direction of the CAR-SIZED Black Alien Saucer. Something animals don’t do.

Area51 Experimenting On Extraterrestrial Technology?

proof-003Frame 11461-11470

Here a two great classic production errors. The UFO should be hinted through the branches. The UFO suddenly appears top left, from where the UFO disappeared.

proof-004Great production but the CAR-SIZED Black Alien Saucer Caught Over Brazil by SecureTeam10 is a hoax. Debunked! Case closed!

You have the power to stop this. If we all share this article, we can inform people about this hoax video.

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  • Felipe Souza

    Wow, this is nonsense! I did not know this guy but I believe that he does not understand anything! My videos are real and were made with my cell phone! I have the original here in my cell phone! Several people saw this object in the sky.It was filmed and photographed by many people! He can terminate his career because he sucks!

    • Speaking about nonsense. The evidence are showing clearly the mistakes that have been made in the UFO production. Of course you are trying to ridicule this, that’s what they all do to rescue their $$.

      Next time try harder. Because this production sucks.

      • YuuBabble

        Great Job!

  • YuuBabble

    Good job, i knew it was fake. Now i know sure!