Chuck Norris speaks out on chemtrails “It is time to wake up”

Chuck Norris chemtrails

The American actor Chuck Norris warns in an article entitled ‘Sky Criminals’ on WorldNetDaily for chemtrails. That would be used by the government or other parties to influence the weather or the population.

Norris demands that people ask more questions about the spraying of chemicals in the air. US country legend and songwriter Merle Haggard, which earlier this month died from the effects of pneumonia, sang: “What I hate: What I hate is looking up and seeing chemtrails in a clear blue sky today.”

Several months ago, Norris wrote a column in which he wondered why people doing research on geoengineering, the intervention on a large scale in the climate system are thwarted.

Mass Vaccination Via The Air

“In the piece I gave evidence from scientists that chemtrails are sprayed into the air above our heads and that we don’t know nothing about it,” says the actor. He points to a 2003 study looking at the feasibility of mass vaccination by air.

The researchers concluded that “immunization through aersolen is a promising way of vaccination. She added that the method has been successfully applied to large populations.

Wake up, Wake up

Norris emphasized that this study was done 13 years ago. He considers it is possible that such mass vaccinations or immunizations have already taken place in America. “How many chemical cocktails worldwide already sprayed into the air ostensibly to protect public health?” He asks.

IF heads of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Alarm about the zikavirus, do you think they speak about the 2003 study?

“It’s time to wake up,” says Norris. He also mentions superstar Prince, who sings in his song Dreamer: “While the helicopter circles us, this theory’s getting deep, Think they’re spraying chemicals over the city while we sleep? From now on I’m staying awake, you can call me a dreamer too, wake up, wake up. “

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