Demon Appeared on Camera during Obama’s visit to Kenya?

Demon Appeared on Camera during Obama's visit to Kenya?

Did a Demon Appeared on Camera during Obama’s visit to Kenya? The American website WND wonders whether President Obama was followed by a demon during his visit to Kenya late last month. Editor John Kovacs points to a gray haze flying right to left across the screen.

“Fact is flies are landing on his face and he was harassed by bees and rats even when he stood up to speak to journalists,” said Kovacs. “His face is even compared to that of Satan in the miniseries” The Bible.”

“And now there appears during his visit to the land of his ancestors a mysterious flash,” he continued. The transparent gray figure flashes in an instant through the image. Analysis shows according to Kovacs that the flash may have a head and shoulders.

“My husband and I watched this movie and I told him I saw a demon” said a worried woman to WND. “He did not believe me until I played the video.”

While President Obama is smiling and shaking hands at the airport in the capital, Nairobi, flies in front of him a strange haze through the image. There are of course many possible explanations for the mystery, including a flash, a reflection, a microphone, a bird, an insect, or an optical illusion.

A video expert told WND that resembles a kind of supernatural being, but it could actually be anything. Watch the video below. The “demon” appears around 7:50. Did you find this interesting? Think about sharing this article.

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  • MZauko Bintiye Muteti