Exposed: A Worldwide Pedophile Culture

exposed, pedophiles
exposed, pedophiles

A worldwide pedophile culture is being exposed where there are popular safe havens for pedophiles. Around the world in these safe havens victims are sought after. A mayor working in child protection was recently exposed in a South Pacific British territory. Michael Warren, has been sentenced to a one year and eight month prison sentence for possession of child pornography and sexually chatting on the internet with a minor under the age of 16. Robert Andrew Fiddes Ellis, age 70, of Australia was arrested in Indonesia after an investigation led to victims of sexual abuse. In Canada a three year investigation revealed at least seven cities where an interconnected pedophile ring was active. In 2015 before his death Anthony Kidman, father of actress Nicole Kidman, was accused of committing rape and torture where victims filed formal charges against him in Australia. Kidman fled Australia after charges were filed and later died in Singapore. Kidman was allegedly connected to the global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult that engaged in rape, torture, hunting parties where children were the hunted and murder.

Exposed Worldwide Culture

At the highest levels of governments around the world the pedophile culture receives protection and cover. The members of this culture include the rich, high level, famous, and influential people. The pedophile culture is embedded in justice systems around the world where the perpetrators are able to flee prosecution for long periods of time even in the midst of investigations and warrants being issued. Former president of the U.S. George H. W. Bush allegedly hosted gatherings of congress persons and senators for the purpose of engaging in acts of pedophilia. In the case involving Bush, witnesses report that he was involved in the “Franklin Savings and Loan case” during the 1980’s involving Larry King. Larry King was supplying children for the Bush gatherings. Moreover, the investigation was covered up. In Australia, where one of the largest pedophile rings is operating, investigations have resulted in hundreds being arrested saving numerous children from this deadly nightmare.

150 terabytes of SICKENING "pizzagate" data confiscated by Norwegian police
exposed, pedophiles
Michael Warren, ex mayor, Pitcairn Island



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