Gaddafi Once Said: Europe Will Be Flooded By Refugees

Gaddafi Once Said: Europe Will Be Flooded By Refugees
Gaddafi Once Said: Europe Will Be Flooded By Refugees

The millions of refugees who are invading Europe come as a surprise for Western politicians . That would not have been the case if the West had listened to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Some of these refugees would not be seeking refuge in Europe as their home was not destroyed as a result of short-sighted, aggressive Western policies.

On March 2011 Gaddafi warned that Europe without a united and stable Libya could get no hold on the many migrants from Africa and the Middle East. Unlike Western leaders, he apparently realized that millions would flee to Europe if Tripoli would fall.

Sea of Chaos

“Millions of blacks could make the crossing to France and Italy,” he told France 24. “Libya plays a key role in security in the Mediterranean.”

Gaddafi’s son Saif, who received the death penalty, said in the same interview: “Libya will be the Somalia of North Africa, of the Mediterranean. You’re going to see pirates in Sicily, Crete and on Lampedusa. There will be millions of illegal immigrants. The terror is getting closer, “he said.

Colonel Gaddafi said: “The Mediterranean will turn into a sea of ​​chaos.”

Nobody listened to him. The West decided to bomb the country to oust him. And what has become of Libya? The country is torn apart by rival factions and radicals.

As Gaddafi predicted the Mediterranean has turned into a sea of ​​chaos. Thousands of refugees in rickety boats trying to reach the coast of Italy. For many it is the last trip they will ever make.

The Arab Spring, supported by the West, and the military interventions in the Middle East, led by America, are seen as the main causes of the exodus. If Western countries do not face the real causes of the overwhelming influx of migrants, more and more people will be forced to risk their lives to leave their country and seek another refuge.

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