German political leaders helps CIA to spy on Europe

German political leaders helps CIA to spy on Europe

It was recently announced that the US NSA use the German secret service BND as a puppet. The recent revelations come closer to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

It is suspected that she will sacrifice her interior minister and confidant Thomas de Maiziere, but itself will remain unaffected.

Last year it was revealed that the NSA has intercepted Merkel. “Friends don’t spy on each other” she said. Tabloid Bild calls those statements “hypocritical.” The German press even makes clear its disapproval over the lies of the government. On April 12, the government said to know nothing about espionage by the NSA.

There have put question marks on the integrity of German political leaders, especially Angela Merkel. Sputnik columnist Finian Cunningham wonders whether Merkel is employed by the US intelligence apparatus and pursues the geopolitical interests of Washington.

Secret Pact

The BND helped the Americans to data from German politicians and businesses. It was going to ask for phone numbers, email addresses and location information.

The BND helped the American colleagues to spy the French presidential palace, the European Commission and several European defense companies – including EADS and Eurocopter.

The BND has for decades part of the US intelligence apparatus, said Cunningham.

The German historian Josef Foschepoth states that the government of West Germany has entered into a secret pact with Washington and London in 1968, a so-called status of forces agreement.

This is an agreement between a country and another country which plans to station military forces in that country.

In practice this means that US secret services as the NSA and the CIA can do what they want n Germany, and all that with the help of the BND and the federal government.

Udo Ulfkotte

The former German journalist Udo Ulfkotte moreover said that many German politicians and journalists are employed by the CIA and does not represent the German people.

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The former editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung confessed that he was paid for years by the CIA to publish lies.

According to Cunningham there is every reason to believe that other European countries have a secret relationship with the US government and the geopolitical agenda of Washington.

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