NY’s Haunted Statler City Hotel is Home of Aggressive Dark Entities

Inside this feared hotel, available for ghost hunters who lock themselves up in one of the most haunted places filled with dead guests, shouting ghosts and aggressive dark entities


Witnesses to the 115-year-old Statler City Hotel in New York claim that high paranormal activities take place, this report the extranormal website Week in Weird.

The City Statler Hotel in Buffalo, New York, which is available today for weddings and events, seem to receive returning deceased hotel guests, a true paradise for ghost addicts.

haunted statler city hotel
Intimidating Statler city hotel by Jaybird30761

Haunted Hotel’s History

The hotel was built in 1901 by Statler, composed out of a wooden structure for a Pan-American Exhibition and had 2,084 rooms, it could accommodate 5,000 guests.

haunted statler-city hotel president mcKinley
President McKinley greeting Well-Wishers at a reception in the Temple of Music minutes before he was shot September 6, 1901

President William McKinley was assassinated in the Temple of Music. Leon Czolgosz, a Polish anarchist, shot him twice in the abdomen. The president died six days later on September 14 of gangrene caused by the gunshot wounds.

Statler City Hotel received icons like Elvis, Al Capone, and Richard Nixon.

Paranormal Activities

After 15 years closing their doors because of an economic crisis, they sold the hotel, and around 1924 the hotel was being renovated, that triggered the paranormal activities.

haunted statler city hotel ghost

During the renovation, workers had heard strange noises. The paranormal activities did not stop when the renovation was complete, on the contrary.

Guests, until today, report echoes of ghosts voices that move through the halls, seeing full-bodied apparitions wandering the ballroom, people being touched by ghosts, luggage carts rolling through the hallway or the elevator, which no longer reaches the suite levels, opening and closing as if guests are still checking in and out, this reports Week in Weird.

According to several ghost hunters, the old pool is the home of dark entities and is considered the scariest location in the hotel where people are grabbed aggressively.

The terrace room and the 18th floor is where the most paranormal activities take place where legless apparitions, mysterious shadows, and glowing spirits are continuously photographed.

Ghost Hunters

The haunted Statler City hotel gets so much attention from ghost hunters that it’s on the destination list of the upcoming season of Paranormal Lockdown where paranormal investigators will be locked 72 hours in one of the most haunted locations in America, the Statler City hotel.

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