The world is a slave colony. That slave colony is run and managed by a crime syndicate we call the Illuminati. The population of the colony is made up of two kinds of people: the owners and slaves.

Obviously running such a crime syndicate requires an organizational structure. In the current situation, the syndicate is therefore divided into several sections, each with its own function.

The executive management

These are the governments of the world. They are the executive bodies of the syndicate. This section justifies (on orders from top management) rules (laws), executes the daily control of the slaves, controlling the violence unleashed on the slave (army, police) and collects taxes which indirectly contribute to the revenue of the syndicate. It is the daily management and serves as a collection gang, taskmaster and punisher. This department is a potential risk because they have guns. This risk is harmless by making this division completely dependent on top management through irredeemable debts.

The commercial management

That is the monetary / capitalist system. This is the ultimate business model of the syndicate. This will maximize the value that supply the slaves with their labor, confiscated by the syndicate. This department, using the same instruments banks and legal entities (limited companies, limited companies, etc.) whose top management owns. Here, both virtually all labor provided by the slaves (employee status) as nearly all proceeds taken from the slaves. The means used is money / debt.

The Illuminati

Among the Illuminati, we mean a secret society with a history that goes back thousands of years and has its roots in the occult, the great Babylonian culture, the Egyptian culture, the Celtic Druids and the Jewish kabbalah.

The society  control in all the major events in the world, managing the global economy and to establish a new world order.

Some people see the Illuminati as a kind of shadow government for the whole world. They are also known under the name Skull and Bones.

The Illuminati would dominate world trade in arms, drugs, pornography and prostitution. They are mainly homosexual, doing pedophile practices, animal sacrifice, ritual murders and perform satanic rituals. Strong links are made between the Illuminati and the Vatican, the Jesuits and the Freemasonry.

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The PR management

This department deals with perception management. The goal is to prevent the slaves realize that the syndicate, and the true nature of it. The means used for this is lying. The purpose of lying is to let the slaves believe that the sections of the syndicate (and the syndicate itself) do not intend to parasitize the slaves, but to protect them. This department we know under the title: media.

The above departments must of course be manned. The syndicate will grant privileges to a number of slaves. These privileges vary from a modest income as a civil servant, a top income in the banking sector or local driver to only modest power as a politician etc.

illuminati symbolism in music videos feeds conspiracy theories

In exchange for these privileges, these slaves have a defined task. The vast majority of these slaves are not even aware that they are part of the crime syndicate. They only see their own job and believe they have an honorable profession.

The tops refresh are often more aware of that, but their reward is so great that the importance of maintaining position is greater than the call of conscience. Slaves with a healthy conscience developed, are not eligible for these positions.

This organization of the crime syndicate operates just fine, but has a number of vulnerabilities. Firstly, work at the various departments relatively many people. Of which must be controlled and it is not very efficient. Second, the syndicate can only persist as long as the slaves did not realize that it is a crime syndicate. That makes the whole system vulnerable to sudden growth of consciousness among the slaves.

For that reason, the strategic top management (also the owner of the syndicate) wants to do with less submanagement. It also wants to be less dependent on the beliefs of the slaves. It should be simpler, more efficient, and (for the owners) safer.

For these reasons, the organizational structure should be changed. The disadvantage is that the slaves are attached to these structures, and therefore will not accept just any unilateral change. The solution is to intentionally create problems (crisis) and thus create a situation of “force majeure”. And that superiority must then justify measures that would not be accepted without that control.

Measures such as individual electronic direct control over the behavior of all slaves and a new electronic business model (100% centrally controlled, digital money) which is also the violence of the executive management largely superfluous. The slaves can then see at any undesirable behavior, individually and automatically be excluded from access to food and other things that are a vital necessity for the slaves. Without being able to fall back to anonymous cash payment. Not obeying means no food.

In addition, the executive management (governments) are very fragmented and thus driving it cumbersome. This must be combined into one division (one-world government, one law, one army etc.)

At present there is a reorganization going on within the crime syndicate. This is to prevent the “wake up” the slaves of the end of the syndicate will mean.

However, it would entail a risk: all the changes, the slaves would speed can come to unwanted insights. For example, the understanding that they are slaves. Run by a crime syndicate. And they – before the completion of the reorganization – liberate them. They are after them imprisoned in a large majority and only their faith.

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