Iranian Military Opens FIRE On UFO Debunked

With leading evidence, Secureteam10 is again guilty of spreading hoax

Iranian Military Opens FIRE On UFO Debunked
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On January 16th the Iranian army shelled a drone with anti-air. This story has been adopted by the famous hoaxer Secureteam10 and sensationalized as “Iranian military opens fire on UFOs”. This stunt generated currently 1.2 million views.

Four days later, Tyler released the video below.

Not Much Information

“There’s not much information on this,” says Tyler. While on January 16th several independent news outlets and the governor of Tehran published information about this event.

Below are some resources:

In addition to email, the hoaxer stated that he had obtained material from UFO MUFON database. Consequently, three UFO reports have been submitted:

  1. 81560 – Date/Time of Event: 2017-01-16 5:20PM (most reliable report)
  2. 81564 – Date/Time of Event: 2017-01-16 6:00PM
  3. 81575 – Date/Time of Event: 2017-01-17 5:30PM
email mufon

According to the time of one of the first publications(RT 2:58 PM, and Far News 2:56 PM) this event took place before 3 PM CET. MUFON case numbers “81560” and “81564” has the time wrong, and “81575” has the date of the event wrong and not to mention the description contains self promotion, this originate from a popular UFO conspiracy theorist on Instagram. We keep in mind that people can easily mistake in time and different timezones.

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We have requested MUFON to provide us the country of origin of the reporter. We found evidence that the material “could” originate from a country where they speak English as mother tongue language. Because MUFON refuses to answer our email we decided to call MUFON, and refuses to cooperate.


Metadata is data about data. With this information, we can read what audio and video codecs are used and more. We have extracted metadata from one of the UFO videos from MUFON, and we also rendered a video on our computer. To find red flags in the UFO video.

  1. Mobile Video: Download Metadata
  2. Computer: Download Metadata
  3. Own Mobile Video: Download Metadata


  • The data shows spring similarities with that of a computer, such as, for example, the codecs and profile. The video is required to be data usage friendly, to reduce data usage each time you upload a video from your mobile.
  • High video profile, low video result in practice. It is not logical, the data indicates high quality render when in fact it is about a low/normal quality video.
  • Screen ratio is 1,000, 480×480 pixels. A weird video format for a mobile phone.
  • It is indicated that the codecs or software is English. The user prefers an English-language interface over modern Persian.
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Visual Material Analyzed

The technical data did not prove that the UFO video is produced, but whispers that there has been tampered with the video. We have diligently studied the video visually. We have found several evidence that the UFO video is a hoax.

Iranian Military Opens Fire On UFO Debunked

We were able to recreate the fake UFO video with an improved version to demonstrate how simple it is. It took us 10-15 minutes to produce. Watch the reproduced fake UFO on Youtube.

We can not prove that Secureteam10 produced the alleged fake UFO video. But we can show that Secureteam10 is guilty of deliberately spreading disinformation to deceive target audiences and enjoy a nice revenue.

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