Donald Trump: Our Israeli friends finance IS terrorists, everyone knows but nobody tells it

Donald Trump: israeli finance isis terrorists

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that terrorist group ISIS supported by Israel  by sending huge amounts of money to terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

Trump made this statement in an interview during the US talk show Morning Joe, just before he canceled his trip to Israel. “Some of our so-called allies we work with and we support, send huge amounts of money to ISIS, Al Qaeda and other groups”, he said.

When asked whom he was referring Trump replied: “You know who I mean.”

He said that he will not name the American allies who support ISIS because of his relationship with the Israelis, but noted that no one talks about Israel while “everyone knows that Israel and other countries supporting IS”.

No One Talks About It

“I’m not going to say it out loud because I have great relationships with people”, said Trump. “But they are there (American allies who support IS). And everyone knows it. And no one says it. Nobody talks about it. ”

The billionaire said the US government is aware of it. “You just need to verify the data. Our government knows the countries”, he stressed.

Last Thursday, Trump cancelled his trip to Israel. He said, “i will come later, when i became president of America.” One of the reasons he mentioned that he does not want to put pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”

On The Lead

Trump is for months on top with the Republicans. Yesterday he won in the polls for the first time more than 40 percent. His rival Jeb Bush sunk deep in the polls.

The American writer Mickey Zezima said: “It’s always interesting when Donald Trump peeling off a layer propaganda and offers a glimpse of the corporate-political fraternity.”

Trump Banned In The UK

A fast growing petition to ban Trump in the UK for racism or hate speech is most likely why the schedule to Israel has been canceled.

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Donald Trump: Our Israeli friends finance IS terrorists

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  • Gyre54

    That’s the thing about Trump. He can’t be ‘managed’ to advance the completely false American narrative on hundreds of issues.