Latest news about Planet X: Our sun may have stolen Planet X from another star

Latest news about Planet X

The latest news about Planet X, researchers suggests in a new paper that our sun may have stolen Planet X from another star. The scenario could explain the orbit of this planet – that is yet unproven.

Earlier this year, researchers claimed to have found convincing evidence that our solar system has not eight, but nine planets . The ninth planet was ten times larger than Earth and is circling at a great distance around our sun .

Latest news about Planet X: Origin of Planet X

The existence of the planet is not yet proven, the researchers based the existence of the planet x on the orbit of some Kuiper belt objects, but they have not directly seen the planet. However, the planet keeps churning the minds. Thus, it is speculated that has been responsible in the past for mass extinction on earth. And in a new paper, researchers focus now about the origin of this planet and especially about whether it might be possible that our sun has “stolen” Planet X from another star.

planet-x orbit
Orbit of Planet X

Encounter with another star

There is evidence that our sun was born in a large cluster consisting of several thousand stars. And it is not inconceivable that stars in that cluster sometimes came quite close together and planets around those stars circling as it were “switched” from one system to another. Could it be possible the sun that have come close to Planet X? The researchers investigated the use of simulations.

Two Percent

“We show that it is indeed possible that the sun has caught such a planet from another star,” as the researchers write in their paper. Whether that actually happened, the researchers can not prove at this stage. For that we will have to spot the planet first. The chance that Planet X is indeed an exoplanet, is estimated at 0.01 to 2 percent.

Until so far there are in addition to the “Planet X is-secretly-a-exoplanet scenario”, a number of scenarios that might explain how Planet X has entered its probable path. So it may just be that the planet is simply born in this orbit. Or that it was originally much closer to the sun, but was kicked by other planets. Maybe Planet X is already here?

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