Mysterious lights on Ceres: Doors of an alien space station?

Lights on Planet Ceres

More than a month after spacecraft Dawn captured bright light dots on dwarf planet Ceres, scientists still breaking their heads over the mysterious phenomenon. Some scientists think that its possible volcanic ice eruptions. Watch the video version on Lions Ground’s Youtube channel.

Instead of magma, then there will arise water, ammonia, and methane from the crater.

NASA scientists suspect that there are also oceans on the dwarf planet. The object is located in the asteroid belt, the region between Mars and Jupiter.


According to UFO spotters lights are made by aliens. In many Internet forums is claimed Ceres a huge alien space station like the Death Star in Star Wars – disguised as a planet.

“The light is white, like city lights, not orange or red like a volcano,” said one UFO spotter. “You see two lights. The largest dot is square in shape, smaller triangular. Do you still think that it is a volcano?”

“Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt and has a diameter of 950 kilometers,”. “These are huge doors where ships can go through. I say that Ceres has turned into an alien space station. The surface is covered with a layer of dust to protect against attacks, meteorites and radiation. Reminiscent of the Death Star. ”

Another UFO spotter “These two spots have no natural origin. What is the chance of a double burst into a giant crater basin? Perhaps it is a small alien mine. We will see it in December, unless Dawn will be shot by the aliens. ”

Too early

Others are more cautious. One person said that it can be light reflection by liquid mercury at the surface. The most recent pictures of the lights on Ceres dated from  14 and 15th April. Dawn spins from March into orbit around the dwarf planet.

NASA hopes to look at the dots next week from a distance of 21,600 kilometers. On May 9, the spacecraft will come closer to Ceres. Dawn principal investigator Chris Russell says it’s too early to give an explanation for the lights.

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