Shop: Lions Ground’s Hooligan Code-Black ‘The Force’ Uniforms

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On numerous requests of followers on Youtube to open a shop, we decided to open a clothing line. Lions Ground presents: “CODE BLACK – THE FORCE” —for him and her. A tough macho style with a message, “fuck the system”.

The concept of “The Force” was resurrected on September 2016 as a result of a unity —consisting of enlightened people and those who found awakening— supporting each other, and not accepting anything anymore from the government.

Show that you’re above the law, “nothing” and “no one” decide what you should do —f*ck  the system— You’re the force

You’re The Force

You’re the force, a quote used by Lions Ground to memorize people they actually need to stop being submissive to the government, we are actually in majority.

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