Dutch Model Aliana Gonzalez(26) agrees to take virginity of 13 year-old boy


Marbella – A video has leaked on the Internet of Aliana Lozada Gonzalez, a 26-year-old Dutch Insta-model with Cuban descent, who recorded her own “oral contract” to have sex and perform sex acts with a 13 year-old boy for $50,000.

The 26-year-old woman was talking to a so-called Sultan of Dubai. The rich male had extreme plans with this woman. Besides unprotected sex, golden showers, anal sex, he did a request to deflower his 13 year old brother. She accepted the deal —including sexual activities with an underaged child— by performing the oral contract, which is legally binding, as requested by the rich man from Dubai.

Licking wounds

The Dutch website Grazia did an exclusive interview with this woman, the story’s baseline is that this pedophile was actually blinded by the money. “Actually, I wanted to fraud him,” Aliana said.

This failed digressed propaganda of this website is trying to create sympathy and understanding for Gonzalez.

Aliana Lozada should be sentenced for attempted sexual abuse with an underage child, contracting parties agreed to engage in sexual acts with a minor for payment.

Her oral contract is her video, this makes it a legally binding contract. A binding contract that clearly confirmed her performance as agreed in the Instagram conversation. The performance of Aliana is a form of child prostitution. The woman is on a binding contract, she agreed to have sex with a minor, which is prohibited by law.

Art. 46 Sr, Preparation of crime

The perpetrator has committed a punishable offense, because the perpetrator has a Dutch nationality, the Dutch Netherlands Criminal Code applies.

Legislative References

Art. 46 sr, Criminal Code offenses, acts preparatory sexual crimes against fictional boy of 13 years old. That it in reality the minor is not a potential victim and preparatory could not complete the prepared crime, the judicial finding of the criminal preparation can not be excluded. It is sufficient that can be inferred from the evidence that the proven behaviors ranged in preparation for offenses as referred to in the evidence, and that the intent of the perpetrator was aimed at committing it.

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  • themindbox

    This time I am in total agreement. Pedophilia needs to be exterminated from the planet.

  • JonRobin

    Just perhaps a consideration… Dubai is Muslim. They have much different views on age and sex. The rich guy might just be thinking he’s giving his lil brother a hand in life buying him a whore and teaching him what its all about. To them its perfectly acceptable to have very young wives and have sex with them @ the age of “first blood” which is typically 12-13. Just putting that out there, I’m not saying being pedo is acceptable under any religion or set of beliefs.
    Another grammatical thing…. you keep wording it like the girl [the prostitute] is underage. She is 26 if i heard her right. The “13 yr old virgin brother” is the underage, and he is not a prostitute. [ “should be sentenced for attempted sexual abuse (with an underage prostitute),” ] 😉

    • What counts in Dubai does not apply here.The ages are clearly highlighted in the first paragraph, also in the title.

      If you go to a whore, with whom do you have sex? The whore, in this case the teenager ‘and’ also, the 26-year-old girl.

      This is about sex for payment —that is prostitution and an underage person is involved. That is sexual exploiting of a child. The girl is the executive, and the second party who entered into a binding contract.

      Thank you.

      • JonRobin

        This is all in reference to your statement ” Aliana Lozada should be sentenced for attempted sexual abuse with an underage prostitute”
        There is no “underage prostitute here. There is an underage client.
        The minor child is not ‘the whore’ in any way shape or form, legally or by definition, anywhere. The minor can be considered exploited by the 26 yr old whore whom is being paid for this. She is the pedophile and no one else is . The john, (the older brother) that is making the arrangements, is not going to fuck his little brother so the definition of pedo does not apply to him either.
        No need to get all uppity when someone is attempting to help .
        Thank you.

        • You do not understand the definitions. That is why you do not understand this situation. Let me enlighten you.

          There is an “underage” prostitute here. I find it worrying that you deny it. I do not have to repeat myself.

          Prostitute = offer (someone, typically a woman) for sexual activity in exchange for payment.

          Synonyms: whore, sex worker, call girl, white slave; male prostitute, rent boy, call boy, gigolo; euphemistic model, escort, masseuse; tom; fille de joie; puta; sporting girl/woman/lady, chippy; informalpro, moll, tail, brass nail, grande horizontale, woman on the game, working girl, member of the oldest profession, renter, toy boy; informalhooker, hustler; black Englishho; vulgar slangbumboy; datedtart, streetwalker, woman of the streets, lady/woman of the night, scarlet woman, cocotte; archaiccourtesan, strumpet, harlot, trollop, wanton, woman of ill repute, lady of pleasure, Cyprian, doxy, drab, quean, trull, wench; raresing-song girl, succubus

          You said “There is an underage client”:
          There is no underage client. The boy is the service, part of of the consideration as negotiated and agreed. The client is the person who wants this to be realized(the customer pays). The girl and the boy(involuntary) are the prostitutes.

          The boy falls under “forced prostitution”, a prostitute.Also trafficking. Than you said: “She is the pedophile and no one else is,” you forget the client. The contract has been agreed between two people, not only her.

          You said “No need to get all uppity,” no need to insult me on my own website to get your right.

          This is called debating that you started yourself. The art of a good debate is to stay on-topic and talk facts. I know from my experience, if people can not get their way (even though they know they are wrong) they will shout irrelevant things.

          Thank you.