New Inventions 2015 – Disposable Gloves


I have the honor to reveal one of the New Inventions 2015 exclusively on Lions Ground! About special gloves ready to be introduced into the global market. Continue reading and discover why this will become the new world leader in the Disposable Gloves. 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands. With the advent of AIDS the use of disposable gloves has been extended to nearly all treatments and nursing applications in the developed countries, to improve safety for medical staff. Around 15% of the consumption of disposable gloves will be used in branches such as food to avoid spoiling and corrosion of products by germs. Medical or non-medical disposable gloves provide a physical barrier between medical staff and patients. But 98% of these medical gloves are unsterile examination gloves which do not provide any real safety to the patient whilst being treated or nursed: If those gloves are not explicitly sterilized for instants for surgical purposes they can carry serious germs from their manufacturing source. Much more critical is the fact of cross-contamination within hospital environment. The high rate of infections patients get from hospital stays, causing also fatal outcome, speaks volumes! This happens even during a surgery although surgeons use even sterile surgical gloves which are ten times more expensive than regular examination gloves. These surgical gloves are only sterile as long as they will not be removed from its sealed pouch. But with starting surgical procedures they become contaminated, like unsterile exam gloves.

Thus, only the medical staff is reasonably protected, because they disinfect their hands before donning disposable gloves and keep their hands shielded precisely due to the gloves. – But patients, are fully exposed to cross-contaminations. Too often, they are “sitting dugs” for any infections because their immune system might be already weakened by their original diseases.

In food processing or other industries with high hygiene requirements the situation with disposable gloves is even more grotesque: Whilst workers are mostly not in real need to become protected against contact with raw fish or meat, the germs from that food will be spread from piece to piece by touching with gloves.

Thus, disposable gloves can spoil fresh food which fastens up its expiring!

To continue about this new inventions 2015 i have to say that they have applied a secret Bio Technology for disposable gloves to consequently overcome the beforehand explained set of serious problems in health care, catering or other branches where the usefulness of products depends on strictly germ-free treatments.

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The inner and outer surface of surgical, examination and other disposable gloves will be conditioned to become actively germ-rejecting during their applications for hours. This new technology bases on newly inert contact catalysts and necessarily suitable naturally non-toxic Active Agents. These components will be incorporated into the surface of disposable gloves by variously physical and chemical processes, which will be arranged during their online manufacturing.

Why is this the New Inventions 2015?

There are no equal or comparable products in the market because all innovations claim improvements in increasing safety for glove users, but do not for patients.

What do you think about this article and/or technology the new inventions 2015? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below. Because New Sterile Bio Coating Disposable Gloves is ready to be on the market.

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