Pedophile Judge: Was Antonin Scalia in a Pedophile Culture?

Pedophile Judge: Was Antonin Scalia Involved in a Pedophile Culture?

The circumstances surrounding the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, age 79, have caused great skepticism from the public, a public that has many unanswered questions as to whether he was murdered or if he did indeed die of natural causes.  On February 13, 2016 Antonin Scalia was found dead in a bed at a resort in Texas, the Cibolo Creek Ranch.  This ranch is said to be a meeting place for a branch of the Bohemian Grove Society, the Order of Hubertus.  Historically guests of this ranch include the rich and famous, celebrities and the influential.

Antonin Scalia Before His Death

Initially there were questions regarding the accuracy of the first reports given to the public about whether or not Scalia was found dead with a pillow over his face which made some people believe he may have been murdered.  Also, just before his death Scalia was ordered to meet with U.S. President Obama where upon leaving this meeting witnesses say Scalia was carrying an envelope that contained information regarding the testimony of victims of the pedophile ring.  These testimonials included details of acts suffered by victims and victims’ names.  Moreover Scalia’s involvement in this circle included corruption where he was allegedly providing protection from prosecution to high level pedophile ring members through the justice system.

Pedophile Rings

One victim, David Shurter, maintains that Scalia was part of a pedophile culture that is imbedded in justice systems around the world.

Additionally, in this culture witnesses report that high level, influential, and wealthy people engage in acts of torture, rape, and hunting games where humans are the hunted. Consequently, these activities result in the death of the victims who are often times children.  Scalia allegedly participated in this culture by allowing pedophiles to escape prosecution once they were brought to justice and were facing charges.  According to informants there were printouts in the envelope that implicated Scalia and would result in his arrest.  In light of this another case in Australia involves another influential person where it is alleged that Anthony Kidman, Father of actress Nicole Kidman, died with the allegations in Australia that he was also a pedophile involved in a ring and was fleeing possible prosecution at the time of his death.

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  • Star Messenger

    Hey Judge, now that you are in Hell, how do you feel? Your Father, Satan, had been waiting for you for a long time. But, now that you are with Him I hear that he said that the wait was worth it. After all, you were one of His prized students of the “Arts”. The “Arts” that entrapped many young men that I sent you for “reeducation”.

    Many of your peers that you left behind on Earth often wondered how you did it. What I mean by, “how you did it” is this. You had an uncanny ability to deceive; deceiving even yourself into believing that you were an honorable and just man. I mean, what you did while on the U.S. Supreme Court was simply astounding – a work of art.

    Oh well, we all have to go sometime, but at least, you left your brain to science for them to try and discover what made you “tick”; what gave you your extraordinary powers to deceive. I’m sure they will discover what it was that gave you such “powers”. But, for those who really knew you we know what that power was. It was the power of Lucifer, your Father.

    • Brandon Cole

      Im guessing your mind has been in the stars too long whackjob messenger.

  • Brandon Cole

    David shurter has long been proven to be a fraud along with fionna barnet you should not take their testimony as concrete evidence. This piece and what the bio this author claims to believe as a lifeview is a joke this is not straightheaded and is all speculation. This internet McCarthyism has to stop.