The anti-Trump-protests in the United States are organized by groups funded by Clinton supporter and billionaire George Soros, this reports RT.

This is evident from emails from Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, leaked by whistleblower site WikiLeaks. is an organization sponsored by Soros, who published Wednesday a press statement on the protests.

In it, among other things thousands of Americans would take to the streets to protest against the victory of Donald Trump.

“Many of the provokers work for organizations of Soros and tell those innocent protesters, or maybe not so innocent protesters that Trump is a danger, while Trump since his victory increasingly called for unity”

I find it remarkable that the elites had all the media, all the power and all the money in their pocket, but still lost the elections.

And now they are trying to start a revolution. I don’t believe will be freed from Trump.

“They want to intimidate him so that the elite can continue to conduct their wars abroad”. “They want him to like her become a neocon.”

After the victory of Trump I saw an outbreak of bizarre Democratic protests. On Tuesday went more than 4,000 people to the streets in Portland.

If you look back throughout American history —Normally America accept the election results. Except for this one, they will feed the fire with more oil.

“Soros is behind a lot of color revolutions in other countries, and now he is funding a semi-color revolution in the US” — I am referring to the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.

“I do not know if this is of treason, but SOROS is certainly operating in the shadows”. “The person behind this protest is against legitimate, free elections.”

In 2004 Washington Post revealed that Soros and his wife Susan Weber Soros donated 1.46 million dollars to

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