Russians Welcomed by Syrians As Heroes

Russians Welcomed by Syrians As Heroes

British journalist Lindsey Hilsum writes in The Guardian that many Syrians consider the Russian President Vladimir Putin as friend. They see Russia as a lifesaver.

Residents of the Syrian city of Latakia Tartoes believe that the Russian military operation against the terrorist group ISIS will bring an end to the war in the country, says the British journalist. They also believe that the United States, the terrorists and their allies have made ISIS stronger.

According Hilsum, most inhabitants of areas are under control of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and are prepared to serve in the military government, but they hope that the war will come to an end soon.


Syrians welcome the Russian army, which performs at the request of airstrikes on Assad ISIS, with open arms, says Hilsum. “The Russians are heroes. They are welcomed in Syria and people are excited about President Putin, who land free their country from terrorism in their eyes” she writes.

Many think that the West supports ISIS. “We see that the Russians are determined to defeat the terrorists and Isis, while the Americans and their coalition seem not to have” said Governor Tartoes Safwan al-Saada. “Last year they said they fought against terrorism, but Isis became stronger rather than weaker. We can say that their coalition is not serious.”

Welcoming Russia as Heroes!
Welcoming Russia as Heroes!

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Russians Welcomed by Syrians As Heroes Video


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