Does this scientist proof that alien hybrids exist?

Does this scientist proof that alien hybrids exist?

An expert in the field of green energy says he is convinced that aliens have secretly introduced alien DNA in pregnant women. This writes the British Daily Express.

Miguel Mendonça, who has been closely involved in the British energy policy, says that more and more hybrid aliens come to earth this way. According to him, they help us to be “higher beings”.

He is even convinced that through his contact with the hybrids is cured of MS. Mendonça has already written a lot about green energy, but his new book Meet the hybrids is about a completely different topic.

We Know Why They Come Here and Who They Are

Together with Barbara Lamb he interviewed eight people who claim to be implanted with alien DNA and are part of a mission to improve the human race. Mendonça believes that these people speak the truth.

“As a scientist, I am doing research on renewable energy, so I need to be sure of my facts,” he said. “These hybrids raise the vibration and awaken people. I go now through this process. You can not ignore it.”

Mendonça only wanted to share stories of people and had no idea that they would change his life. He thinks he has solved the mystery on UFOs. “We know why they come here and who they are.”


Each hybrid was presented with the same questions. It soon became clear that the stories had many similarities. Robert Frost Fullington (36) from California claims to have DNA from four alien species, namely the Reptilians, the Sirians, the Tall Whites and a species that looks like a praying mantis.

In the book he says the creatures have inserted an implant under his tongue when he was five years old. The people who were interviewed claim that it’s their mission to ‘improve’ the ‘frequency’ or ‘vibration’ on earth.

They all say that there is a so-called ascension in which people move from the third to the fifth dimension, where things like war and violence not exist.

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Super Soldiers

Tatiana Amore (34) from southern England says she is a breed of the Pleiadean. “The earth is changing and going to a new frequency that is lighter and better for people,” she said.

When asked why he has not interviewed the parents of hybrids, Mendonça said: “Some parents wanted to know nothing about it because they are old school Christians.”

Respondents didn’t want to give DNA, fearing they will use it for secret military projects to create super soldiers. Mendonça added, that Robert is open to perform a DNA test.

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