After years of legal proceedings, the Supreme Court ordered the German Bundestag to release information about UFOs, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and a special UN resolution the research on UFOs. This information is collected by the scientific service of the German parliament.

Until today, the Bundestag kept this information not only secret, they also tried to prevent that the people could gain access through the courts. The verdict is a big step for the German UFO research.

In 2010 Robert Fleischer found out that the scientific service of the German parliament had a department which was engaged in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and research into UFOs.

Official investigation

Although several journalists managed to get a copy of a paper of this department, they where not allowed to publish at all. Frank Reitemeyer dragged the Bundestag to court and was ruled in favor. The Bundestag hired an expensive lawyer, appealed and won. Eventually, the case ended up at the Supreme Court.

The information which must to be released includes an international summary of facts about UFOs and information about SETI (the search for extraterrestrial life) and UN Resolution A / 33/426. The authors of the paper conclude remarkable enough that “neighbors and allies of Germany (including France, the US, Britain and Canada) as well as many other countries did official investigation on UFOs.

German secret service

This conclusion contradicts the statement of Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, which in 2008 said that the German government has no interest in doing an any investigation into the subject to UFO sightings.

Already revealed many researchers and journalists that the German government secretly investigates unidentified flying objects. They discovered that the German secret service BND has an archive on UFOs.

Supreme Court force German parliament to release UFO secrets

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