The FBI has nearly 95 percent of terrorist attacks after 9/11 fabricated, according to a study by Project SALAM (Support and Legal Advocacy for Muslims).

Although the US government claims that it wants to protect the country from terrorism by addressing hundreds of “terrorists”, the research shows that the vast majority of the attacks was fabricated by US intelligence FBI.

The research shows that the war against terrorism is designed to let American people believe there is a terrorist army operating where you really need to be scared off, while most convicted persons are no danger to society, says Project SALAM lawyer Steven Downs.

He further said that the US uses the war against terrorism to keep the world in mind. This way they get all sorts of valuable information into the hands, where they can benefit from it. To justify this, there must be a war against terrorism. Without this war, they have no right to do this. So the war on terror goes on; they must continue to find people, arrest, hide and scare, says Downs.

In the 175-page study can be read that the majority of the arrested American Muslims are unfairly persecuted. The FBI used agent provocateurs to run a target in the trap, a trap that was carefully planned by the government.

“The government used agent provocateurs to approach individuals with differing beliefs and provide fake missiles, bombs, rifles, money and the strategic and technical planning to see whether the individual can be turned to planning a violent act , “the report said. The government knew (innocent) people also tackle by faking documents.

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