A cameraman has captured during the filming of the moon in his own words multiple UFOs above the lunar surface. You can see in his videos on YouTube dark objects seems to pass the moon. One of the objects appears to be driven by missiles.

Crrow777, as the cameraman calls himself, said: “I am not saying that this is an alien, but it’s definitely a ship that is controlled by a particular intelligence.”

According to him it is not about satellites that orbit the earth because they previously were too close to the moon. Satellites orbiting the Earth pass the moon in two to three seconds.

He says he captured with his telescope UFOs, chemtrails, UFOs on the moon and other anomalies. “What you see is what I capture with my camera,” says Crrow777.

According to some, he filmed real UFOs. “This is reminiscent of the” Tether Incident “of NASA. They exist and keep an eye on us. They will not allow us to destroy ourselves through nuclear war, “said one commenter. Someone else said that it is a satellite.

A third added: “Have you considered the possibility that you have captured a space rock? The Chelyabinsk meteorite has shown us that we still know little about all the rocks flying through space. ” Do you think these are UFOs? Share this article!

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