UFO Debunker massacred by his own followers after ThirdPhaseofMoon interview

UFO Debunker massacred by his own followers after ThirdPhaseofMoon interview

A UFO hoax debunker on Youtube released this week an interview with the hoaxers ThirdPhaseofMoon and it’s not really appreciated.

The cursing UFO debunker published a remarkable live stream interview of one hour with the twin cousins and hoaxers ThirdPhaseofMoon.

The interview looks like a friendly conversation between old friends. Loyal followers of UFO Proof remember the video “Thirdphaseofmoon debunk” where the Youtuber blatantly insulted and ridiculed the cousins because of one of their hoax publications.

His followers can not believe their eyes and express their disappointment below the video.

“So let me get this straight, your interviewing two of the biggest UFO hoaxers on YouTube and basically kissing their butts for helping make a laughing stock of the UFO community. These two are the reason secure team and others exist, look at that house dude, they make thousands of dollars conning people, it encourages other hoaxers to make videos $$$, guess you want a piece of the pie,” says Poppy Luster.

Thirdphaseofmoon is run by two cousins, known as the Blake cousins. They have about ten years of UFO research experience claims the website.

But a Google search “Thirdphaseofmoon debunked” gives 509 results indicating that the cousins are hardcore hoaxers.

“This is disappointing. I found your channel because of you debunking videos very much like the ones these guys make and you talk to them for an hour without asking them…. fuck it I’m not gonna even finish this comment. Its not worth the time, you know where its going,” says Poppy Luster.


Each interview is lead by a schedule and is pre-arranged what questions can be asked and what questions can not be asked. The person who organize an interview determine the outcome of the interview.

The outcome of the interview with the hoaxers is not meant as a good deed for ufology but to get a piece of the pie.

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Halfway through the interview UFO Proof invites himself in their show.

“What if ‘I’ come on your show and offer my expertise on UFO videos you mind find questionable and than there’s another opinion to say he this is might be or this is what it could be” [source]

The self proclaimed debunkers remain conspicuously silent and support the interview by sharing it throughout the social networks, is it because this is not about the truth but favoritism? However, some debunkers talk about betrayal.

UFO Proof has not responded.

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  • Kyle Aloia

    Come on healthcliff do your research. That was the forth time they came on our live stream. And they were ripped apart each time. But that’s not the point. The point is that they come to us and this was a chance to stop them from hoaxing. I had multiple live chats and discussed this with my sub’s and it was agreed by the majority that if they want to stop hoaxing and are putting them selves out there then what more could we want? That is the goal to get people to stop hoaxing. And that would be huge if we can turn Thirdphase away from making hoaxes so weather its from being mean or being nice the goal is still the same. So if some one comes to lionsgorund and says hay I want to quit hoaxing and post legit content you would say No go away I don’t won’t to help you do the right thing? If I cared about sub’s I would be a hoaxer. Its not about subs its about changing ufology for the better. My sub’s won’t come from Thirdphase because those people would not like my channel .and why didntnyou mention all the people who said I was doing the right thing and this is the first time a debunker got a hoaxer to go straight so if anything I deserve props

    • Research yes that’s why I sent you an email on Wednesday, March 23, 2017, with a BCC to third party in case you say you never received my email. You fail to answer this while you took the time to answer stupidly insensible comments under the video in question.

      That the cousins are torn apart has a very good reason, people are not crazy. Every action has its consequences. I read pity.

      What do you mean legit content? “NASA busted big time”, “Whoa Google Earth just discovered Atlantis” or “Super Man”?

      What you do on your channel is your business but expect criticism. The interview does not show any form of reconciliations just kissing butts.

      Again I take their words with a grain of salt. Seeing, then believing.


    • Paul Simon

      haha even a 5 year old didnt need their video sent to them to know a flipping CGI hoax with helicopter circling

      what do you think? puff puff more weed man đŸ™‚
      clearly the bros were laughing at you.. I bet
      when the connection drop.. they were on the floor
      laughing with gut belly hurt.

      their whole channel even in last 2 weeks is full of BS hoaxes or fake news

      if they were coming clean.. why didnt they deleted everything as I didnt see a single valid true video on their channel

      Grown men dont need help cleaning up their lies.