UFO hoaxer Secureteam again caught distributing FAKE NEWS

Proof of alien base on the Moon? YouTuber SecureTeam10 is always a hoaxer. It's the Greaves crater!


One of the last recent videos called “WHOA! Mobile Proof Of Alien Bases On The Moon?” by UFO news Youtube channel Secureteam is again a fake news publication. The debunker UFO debunker of Interest explains why.

On March 11, 2017, Tyler of Secureteam published a video claiming a building stands on the moon. The Youtuber claims to have received an e-mail with a picture of a UFO which resembles the cylinder-shaped building on the moon.

“It’s an amazing piece of photographic evidence showing these massive installations on the moon,” says Tyler. “UFO with the cylinder on top,” he continues.

“Bel Lavoro”

Lunar Greaves Crater
Where is the structure?

The respected Italian debunker UFO of Interest immediately exposed the fake news and wrote on Twitter “Proof of alien base on the #Moon? YouTuber @ SecureTeam10 is always a hoaxer. It’s the Greaves crater”.

The debunker compared the original moon satellite photo with that of Secureteam. It is about the Greaves crater, that lies southwest edge of Mare Crisium. “Where is the so-called building?” Secureteam can come up with the excuse that they airbrushed out the evidence.

Secureteam once again shows that he is not a serious news UFO researcher but he’s here only for the money by publishing sensational fake news.


Secureteam contacted Lions Ground late February in response to work on a solution. The communication seemed positive but it turned out in practice he hasn’t changed. The owner of Secureteam, Tyler Glockner, abrupt ended the communication. Lions Ground is currently reviewing his content, this will be deposited to parties such as Google as fake news.

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