UFO reported by Turkish pilots MS804 EgyptAir on the same day they crashed

UFO reported by Turkish pilots MS804 EgyptAir on the same day they crashed

Turkish pilots saw on Thursday a UFO with green lights above their plane. On the same day flight MS804 EgyptAir crashed. That writes various media.

The two pilots reported the air traffic control tower of the airport Istanbul Ataturk about the UFO, reported the local website Haberler . “About 2000 to 3000 feet above us passed an unidentified object with green lights,” said the pilot, adding that it suddenly disappeared. “We suspect that it was a UFO.”

Not on Radar

The newspaper Hurriyet Daily writes that the pilots saw the UFO near the Turkish Silivri district of Istanbul province. The pilots said they saw the UFO when the plane was flying at over 5000 meters altitude. The plane landed 30 minutes after the observation. The aeronautical authorities did not saw the object on radar.

It is not the first time that pilots report a UFO. Remember Andy Danziger , former pilot of President Obama, many pilots have seen UFOs and “almost all pilots believe in UFOs. Below is another example of a hostile UFO, near collision with a Ryanair plane.

Exact Cause

Egypt has sent a submarine to the area where flight MS804 EgyptAir crashed. According to the Egyptian president the vessel needs to find the black boxes of the Airbus A320.

According to president Sisi it can take some time before the exact cause of the crash is known. He keeps all scenarios open. The plane disappeared Thursday of the radar and was on his way from Paris to Cairo. On board were 66 people.

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