UK policy: Just blame Moscow!

UK policy: Just blame Moscow!

The released government documents shows that the British government has tried to blame Russia for each problem.

For example, when Moscow wanted to speak in the eighties with NATO on the extension of confidence-building measures, which was seen by the alliance as a “geographically conspiracy” and rejected the request.

And then Soviet leader Yuri Andropov, was portrayed by the West as a hardliner of the KGB, their willingness to expand confidence-building measures to the Urals, that step was seen as a sign of weakness.


A declassified memo shows that Western leaders wanted to use the situation to “put the bear in the East under pressure.” In another confidential memo, dated October 15, 1985, stressed that Moscow had to be blamed for any problems.

“Every time you are unable to solve existing problems, the Soviet Union and its allies are there to be blamed”, according to the document.

The pieces are written surprisingly at a time when the relationship between the West and the Soviet Union improved. Former President Mikhail Gorbachev visited Britain to speak to the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on disarmament and enhancing international security. He showed Thatcher with a view to transparency, even a map with missile targets in Britain.

Behind the Scenes

Although it appeared that the West and Russia sought rapprochement, they still carried out missions. In a memo from the British Foreign Office is mentioned about openly criticizing the policies of Eastern European governments.

…We must be ready to…refute any assertion by the East that they must protect themselves from Western cultural pollution – pornography, propaganda for racialism and violence” —in another memo.

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