The commander of the al-Nusra gave an interview to the German journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer last month. The German media accused him for fabricating the interview to limit the damage he caused.

A senior commander of al-Nusra said in the interview that his terrorist group received advanced weapons from the United States.

The interview quickly went viral and the German media were trying to limit the damage by claiming that the interview was a fake.

Strong Reactions

Todenhöfer knew in advance that the shocking revelations on Western aid to Islamic terrorists would bring strong reactions .

“Most of those who criticized me wanted to divert attention from two things,” said the journalist. “First of all arms deliveries to the Middle East. The US, France, Britain and Germany supply weapons to the Middle East and that is a big problem.”

“Secondly, they want to divert attention from the fact that my interview destroys the mainstream world,” Todenhöfer said. “There are two sides fighting a brutal war with each other.”

Absurd Accusations

It was long uncertain whether the commander would appear in front of the camera. The journalist was surrounded by armed men wearing masks. Eventually the conversation took place.

“Everyone knows that the US and other countries are supplying weapons to the rebels,” said the journalist. “They say that they deliver the weapons to the” moderate opposition “, but we all know that they fall into the hands of radical rebels and terrorists.”

The Western media were mainly mentioning about the slippers of the commander, that he had no beard and his gold ring (which would prove that he was not a commander).

According Todenhöfer there was no critical analysis, but only absurd accusations were thrown around.


terrorist golden ring
Apparently that’s a plastic ring won at the fairground

Some militants Jebhat al-Nusra have a beard, some do not, according to the journalist. The media also claimed that fighters from al-Nusra not wear golden rings, but according Todenhöfer that’s baloney. “In Syria, thousands of people are wearing golden jewelry.”

Denzel Washington Lashes Out At The Mainstream Media For Selling 'BS'

Let all those critical journalists visit the east of Aleppo themselves to conduct an interview with Al-Qaida, said Todenhöfer. The only Western journalist who lived 10 days between IS militants.

Never before had managed a Western journalist to interview IS leaders or talking to prisoners of IS. Yet Todenhöfer was allowed to do so.

He notes that the mainstream media absolutely is absolutely not objective. “The one-sided and incorrect reporting on the conflict is part of the scandal,” he said.


“If someone like me goes to Syria, asking questions and getting answers that terrorists receiving weapons from Americans that creates a lot of noise, because they do not want that the worldview is getting disturbed.”

Todenhöfer will continue to travel to Syria. The revenue he earned with his latest book he has made 80 prostheses, which he wants to give to Syrian children.

“I must say – and this is very important to me – that the support given to the rebels of the West is contrary to international law,” he concluded. “Nobody has the right to supply weapons to rebels operating in a sovereign country.”


Actions always speak louder than words. One man has checkmate the deceptive mainstream media. The propaganda war against terrorism for assets must end once and for all. A single man proved demonstrably evidence more than the US ever showed before they went in war against Iraq and Afghanistan. In the world of Lions Ground, when you help the enemy then you are the enemy. As conclusion, the hypocritical terrorist with an ego.

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