Eating lots of white bread, white flour and sugar has been linked to depression in older women, according to a study from Columbia University published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. If you instead eat plenty of whole grains and vegetables, the risk decreases.

In the Netherlands suffers roughly five percent of people with depression, the appellation for a mood disorder characterized by a loss of vitality or severe depression. If certain criteria are met, it is called clinical depression.

Diet can prevent and treat depression

Processed carbohydrates such as white flour and white rice contain relatively low in fiber and high sugar. They also contain few nutrients and are high on the glycemic index (GI), a measure of the effect of carbohydrates on blood sugar.

Scientists collected data on more than 70,000 postmenopausal women. They then looked at the kinds of carbohydrates that are consumed and cases of depression.

They found that higher consumption of sugar and processed grains led to a higher risk of depression. Women eating fiber, whole grains, fruits and vegetables were less likely to have depression.

“This suggests that changes in diet can serve as a treatment and preventive measure against depression,” said lead researcher James Gang Wisch.

Tip: Healthy Food

Cause and effect?

As a possible explanation for this association, the researchers state that the spike in blood sugar that causes such food. Which leads to the production of insulin, which in turn can lead to mood swings, fatigue and depression.

A diet that is high in sugar and processed grains are also associated with a higher risk of inflammation and cardiovascular disease, which also may trigger depression. Did you find this interesting? Think about sharing this article to share the truth!

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